Are there differences between over-the-counter teeth whiteners and professional teeth whiteners?

Over-the-counter whiteners are not as efficient as professional-grade treatments. The whitening kits you buy at the drugstore are not customized to fit the shape of your teeth, making them messy and ineffective. In addition, they typically only whiten two to three shades. With professional whitening you have more options. You can visit our office and receive a one-hour deep bleaching whitening treatment that will leave your teeth up to 10 shades whiter. We also have home teeth whitening kits that are custom designed for maximum comfort and efficiency. Each night for a week or two you’ll need to apply our professional-grade whitening gel to the trays, and then wear them at night. Within just a few days, you’ll notice a difference, and by the time treatment is complete, you’ll smile with confidence. Take-home trays can also touch up and maintain in-office whitening.

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What if I just do not like my smile?

Smiles are all unique and the reasons a person may not like their own smile is about as personal has its gets. We are very skilled and experienced at determining the key factors to enhance any smile. Factors may include worn, missing, poorly shaped, or discolored teeth; mismatched, unattractive, or failing dentistry; uneven or excessive display of gum tissue; an uneven or slanted display of the teeth; underlying skeletal malformations that can cause the teeth to be crowded, excessively prominent or retruded, or have spaces between them; excessive wear, chipped, or broken teeth.

The best way to decide what will work for you is to come talk to us. We can show you what the changes will look like and help you decide if it is right for you. All of our cosmetic consultations are complementary and we also can give you references to others that may have had your particular type of problem and can tell you about their experiences and the benefit they have seen since there own particular treatment.

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My teeth are crooked and have spaces. Do I have to get braces to straighten them?

We offer a removable alternative to traditional braces. Invisalign uses 3D imaging to design a custom set of aligners, then the patient wears a new aligner every few weeks. For big events, simply remove the aligner. This makes cleaning easy, too. If you aren't a candidate for Invisalign, consider traditional braces with clear brackets. This less obvious orthodontia is popular with teens and adults. Make an appointment to learn which treatment will suit your lifestyle best.

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I have teeth that are chipped and cracked. What can be done?

If you have a chipped, slightly misaligned, or otherwise imperfect tooth that needs cosmetic restoration, we may suggest one-appointment, cosmetic bonding. The dentist can apply liquid composite resin, shaded to blend with your tooth's color, to rebuild a pleasing shape to your tooth. After hardening the resin with a curing light, he will artistically sculpt and polish the restoration. In just one visit, you can enjoy a beautiful new smile! Cosmetic bonding can be a viable, affordable alternative to porcelain veneers, but it lasts only 5 to 10 years with proper care. Bonding will not discolor as your natural tooth enamel will, so touch-up whitening may be required to keep your natural teeth the same shade as the bonded area.

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What if I am missing teeth?

We offer bridgework, partials, full dentures, and implant restorations to replace missing teeth. Learn more about these services on our services page, then call for a consultation. With X-rays, intraoral photos, and a thorough assessment of your dentition, the dentist can help you decide which replacement option will be best for you.

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What is an implant and how long do they last?

Implant Restorations are a safe alternative to bridges, partials, or full dentures. They look, feel, and function like natural teeth because of a titanium anchor attached to the jawbone. Once the implants are secured, your dentist will attach a handcrafted, permanent crown to each post. The restorations will match your natural teeth and blend seamlessly with your smile. The life of the implant depends on your age, oral status, and personal hygiene. With proper maintenance, they last most people a lifetime.

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Will my insurance cover advanced or cosmetic dental treatments?

As a convenience to you, our office will submit charges for the services rendered to your insurance company, but we consider the patient solely responsible for the account. The treatment provided in our office is an agreement between the patient and the dentist. Insurance benefits, on the other hand, involve a relationship between the insurance company and the patient. There is a wide variety of dental insurance coverage offered. Plans cover from as little as 30% to as much as 100%. Every dental plan limits dollar disbursements by the insurance company (this is the annual maximum). Your employer and the insurance company determine the dollar amount or UCR assigned to all treatment. Feel free to call us if you have questions regarding your account or changes in your insurance coverage.

Each year, we provide the finest dental care to hundreds of folks. We believe our patients deserve the finest care. That’s why we always present them with the finest dental solutions. Some have dental benefits, but higher percentages do not. If you have dental benefits, congratulations! You are very fortunate. Our patients see their insurance as a welcome supplement to their investment in excellent smile health.

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My insurance didn’t cover my treatment, what are my options now?

In addition to accepting credit cards, cash, and personal check, we work with CareCredit, a trusted institution that offers offer low- and no-interest payment plans for patients who qualify. Visit the CareCredit website for more information, and call us if you have questions.

We also work with DOCPAY.
No credit application
Simply fill out a simple enrollment form indicating the bank account you would like to use, the amount you plan to pay each month, and how many payments will be made. Any patient who has a checking account qualifies!
Payments are automatic
Once the DOCPAY plan is set up, you don't have to do anything else. Each month, your payment will be deducted from your checking account.
Since payments are come directly from your bank account, there is no interest. The only additional cost to you is a payment plan setup fee of $19.95.

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